Full Arms + Under Arms Rica Roll-on

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  • Rica Roll-on wax.
  • Skin sensitive products as per your choice.

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Looking for the professional waxing services at home we have the solutions at doorstep. Our team with the experience of years and professionally trained are ever ready to help you with you need-


Full body wax-

The growth of hairs on body differs from person to person-so the needs of wax may also be different.

Before waxing the one should consider its skin type and then only choose from the variety of wax-


Dry skin-for people with dry skin must considered the use of banana, white chocolate, argan oil or green apple liposoluble wax-as dry skin need the more moisturizing agent to keep it soft and supple

The liposoluble wax with the ingredients like chocolate-banana is the best choice, the liposoluble wax is the hot in its nature which help in easy removal of hairs from the body easily and the green apple and argan oil helps in hydrating the skin.


Oily skin type- the best way to tackle the oily skin type is use of talc powder. It helps in removal of excess oil for the skin and let wax to be used in better way- and on same way the if you have the oily skin type, we suggest you to use the chocolate wax and the gold wax both of them prevent the acne and give the body oilier free skin



Sensitive skin- if you have sensitive skin type the waxing must be done with professional to prevent the damages to the skin you can book the best professional service for the women waxing at doorstep- in case of the sensitive skin the roll-on wax is recommended in which you feel less pain and is more hygiene- and the post wax care is must be done by Appling the aloe-vera gel paste in the wax area of body.


Normal skin wax - people with the normal skin are blessed- the do not required much to their skin type the can considered the chocolate, honey or rica wax to there skin the post waxing care is need for the better results like application of aloe vera gel.

In you must considered the roll-on wax for the pain less experience if waxing – the doorstep makes your waxing experience better and give your skin the best smooth experience the regular waxing also reduces the growth of hairs on body will waxing the extra precaution and care must be given to the sensitive parts of the body

You can book the expert and professional waxing service with doorstep.

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